Roof & Exterior Cleaning Solutions in Charlotte, NC

Recover your home to its original elegance with soft washing, the environmentally friendly alternative to power washing!

Roof & Exterior Cleaning Solutions in Charlotte, NC

Recover your home to its original elegance with soft washing, the environmentally friendly alternative to power washing!

We offer window and gutter cleaning services and both are done with the newest technology in the industries.

Using our pure-water system for your windows and our SkyVac system for your gutters, our technician’s feet barely ever have to leave the ground. Introducing new technology for these services has increased quality and safety, leaving you with a job well done.

We use a low-pressure biodegradable detergent that kills and removes stains such as mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria, while loosening the grip of dust dirt and cobwebs on your exterior surfaces.

All of this is done with low pressure
and last 3-5 times longer than pressure washing. You can’t beat the results or value provided!

Pressure washers are a great tool we can use to remove years of buildup on neglected surfaces. We use pressure washers when necessary, to help in the cleaning process.

Pressure washing helps our soft washing detergent penetrate deep into the surface, lifting out stains that are out of reach for the pressure washer, restoring the surface to its natural beauty.

We have the ability to treat both residential and commercial roofs using soft washing, which will prevent damage to your roof surface, helping maintain its entire life span while protecting your investment.

With years of experience in the industry, there isn’t a roof size or style that we cannot treat. Let us restore your home the gentle & safe way.

Best Roof & Home Exterior Cleaning in Denver NC!

We know how important it is to protect the things that are most important to you. Don’t trust them to some rinky-dink, fly-by-night outfit that also happens to install gutters, clean windows, fill vending machines, and sell gumballs. You want someone who specializes and has perfected one thing – exterior Cleaning that not only cleans your property, but sanitizes at the same time while enhancing curb appeal. You wouldn’t trust your barber of 20 years to fix the transmission in your BMW simply because he has the tools, would you?

We provide the fastest and most efficient processes; have the most referred and highest-rated service, and set the bar at perfection.

We’ve provided a healthy lifestyle and a heartfelt experience for Denver NC residents for years. Our clean-cut technicians show up with state-of-the-art equipment, a smile on their face, and a work ethic your Grandma would be proud of.

We are dependable, courteous, and highly skilled in our trade. We are setting the bar in our industry, and hold the standard of customer service that our customers LOVE!

Eagle One Softwash offers a wide variety of exterior cleaning services to keep your
property in tip top shape. Soft Washing is a low-pressure cleaning process that we
use for our Roof Cleaning and House Washing, while utilizing pressure washing to
aid in the cleaning of patios and walkways. We also offer gutter cleaning and
window cleaning services to encompass the vast majority of our customers exterior
cleaning needs.

We offer every level of convenience to our clients including easy no-hassle estimates, paperless online bill pay, text message appointment reminders, technician profiles, and recurring appointments.

We strive to build a culture of customer care, and deliver value in our services,
above and beyond our customer’s expectations.”


From the very first time that you contact us, our team will keep you fully informed on the details of the service, and even be as flexible as possible to work with your busy schedule.  We will no “just deliver,” but will go above and beyond to give you a level of service you wouldn’t expect from a home service business


We stand behind our services and the results, and we want you to know it.  We confidently stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee so you know that if you’re not happy with the service, we will correct the issue at no charge to you.


It’s important for us to be fully licensed and insured, and everyone that works here is an employee, not a subcontractor. Our team is the best and we know they will provide you with exceptional service! We specialize in property enhancement and promise to care for your property like it’s ours.